With heartfelt gratitude, we announce the retirement of Dr. Hansen, who has dedicated an impressive 44 years to the veterinary medicine field. With his departure, Breezeway Veterinary Services will be closing its doors on May 31st. Dr. Hansen built Breezeway Veterinary Services on his homestead in 1985 and has dedicated 39 years of unwavering dedication at Breezeway Veterinary Services. We are grateful for his ongoing commitment and expertise that have touched the countless lives of our valued clients and pets.

This is not farewell, as we’re excited to introduce a sister practice, Russell Creek Pet Clinic & Hospital, where cutting-edge facilities and a team of compassionate caregivers are looking forward to extending the same level of exceptional care that you’ve come to expect over the years. To extend a warm welcome to our clients, Russell Creek is offering a special $50 OFF New Client promotion for your first visit.

Fond Farewells

Join us on May 27th and May 28th from 11am to 1pm to bid farewell to Dr. Hansen and our staff with light refreshments and snacks.

Dr. Dean Hansen

After graduating from the University of Missouri, Columbia Veterinary College in 1980, Dr. Hansen spent a brief period in Bridgeport, Texas, practicing mixed animal medicine. He then relocated to the Dallas area, primarily focusing on equine practice. Dr. Hansen married his wife, Edee, in 1983. Their son, Eric, was born in 1985, followed by their daughter, Deann, in 1990, and granddaughter Kamryn in 2007. They own a ranch in East Texas where they raise black Angus, buffalo, and yak, along with a llama, alpaca, several goats, a henhouse, and a beekeeper. Additionally, they have two dogs, German Shepherds named Ruby and Lexi, and the clinic cat, Lapis. Dr. Hansen established Breezeway Veterinary Services on his homestead in 1985. After 44 years in veterinary medicine and 39 years of unwavering dedication to Breezeway Veterinary Services, Dr. Hansen has decided to retire and enjoy his ‘Golden Years. ‘ His legacy of excellence will continue to inspire us as we uphold his commitment to providing top-notch veterinary services. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Dr. Hansen for his invaluable contributions and wish him all the best in this new chapter of his life.


As part of this transition, we want to ensure a seamless transfer of your pet’s records. If you require your pet’s medical history or any other records to be transferred to a new location, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at (972) 294- 4838. Our team will promptly assist you in transferring your records, ensuring that your pet’s care remains uninterrupted during this transition period.


We like to consider our team as an extension of our clients’ families. We go above and beyond for our patients and seek to provide the best possible wellness, dentistry, surgical care, and so much more for all animals that enter our hospital.

Enjoy $50 OFF your first exam!

We look forward to welcoming Breezeway Veterinary Services clients and are dedicated to making the transition as smooth as possible.

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